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About Us

Bijou & Birdie is a proudly Canadian company located in the Ottawa Valley. We started as a small Etsy shop in 2018 and have grown into the brand we are today, loved by pet owners across the world! We believe each pet is special and unique and love to help our customers show off their pet's personalities in style!


Meet Bijou, the sassy senior cat who was rescued from a shelter in Toronto many years ago! Going on 15 years old, this girl still loves a good snuggle and has the loudest purr we've ever heard. Bijou has been mistaken as a chimera cat because of her unique markings, but she's just a (very) special calico girl!



Murphy, affectionately known as "Birdie" is a 90lb Cane Corso, Lab Mix who thinks she's a lap dog! She's protective over those she loves, but once you gain her trust, she's the biggest sweetheart in the world. Murphy loves timbits, pillows and wrestling with her little hound brother, Moose.

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